Akinfala Victor

NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) is a program design by the federal government of Nigeria to integrate different regions in the country. It is a scheme designed after the civil war to unite and create a on integrated prosperous country.
The scheme became a compulsory exercise for graduates after completing
their college or university program. Therefore NYSC is a political arrangement that designed to build a strong country that guarantee prosperity or all in an atmosphere devoid of regional threat, peace and tranquility.

Be it as it may the program has really done so much in achieving its purpose however, it has been moribund and it is deprived functional development among the participants.
It is suffering from band wagon effect and eleven months routine of futile journey.

We have seen cases where participants come out worse than the started while
others seize the moment to grow capacity. For someone reading this I count you very lucky.
According to T.D. Jakes, ‘’one of the greatest tragedies of life is to arrive at the end of your journey and realized that you could have done more intensely and lived more vigorously if only you had taken the day by the horn and steered it the way you wanted to go. If only you have had make a conscious decision about what you wanted to do.
I know you may have a mixed feelings about where you are posted to, it is important to devout your time more to strategizing about your next step to maximize rather than emotionalizing it. My intention is to move you to the extreme so that you can the best out
the program and yourself.

To maximize is a dynamic process where the available right and best resources are combined at a given time to produce the highest possible level of output, utility/satisfaction/balance FULLFILMENT.

FULLFILMENT is an ongoing process where your latent abilities or potentials
find a sustainable platform for positive, productive, profitable and progressive expression.
There the essence of the piece is to challenge you to maximize your potentials so as to find fulfillment in this one year crucial journey of your life. Don’t get it twisted NYSC is not a fun time, it is a serious business.

The bad news about NYSC

1. The founding principle of NYSC does not accommodate your functional development.
2. NYSC does not guarantee you job. NBS still put unemployment
statistics at 23.9% that does not include the under employed which I put as over 60% youth workforce in Nigeria.
3. NYSC may be your final moment of dependence.
4. Allowance you received while on NYSC may be your final share of the national cake
5. NYSC does not guarantee
fulfillment only discharge certificate.

The good news about NYSC

1. One year of incubation for functional development for strategic lunch.
2. Opportunity to create functional relationship that has national outlook.
3. 3,153,600 seconds to rewrite your past and recreate a great future.
4. The moment to invest in your development (physical, mental, social(relationships), spiritual and financial.
5. It is an opportunity to be the leader in your own right who effectively manages resources available (time, skills, funds people and intellect) through vision and purpose driven life.

Some time tested principles that can help you find fulfillment after you NYSC.
1. Principle of self discovery: ability to understand you abilities and God given latent potentials (write/know the things you can do with relative ease I mean what you are good at doing and find satisfaction. You can experiment your team work& leadership abilities and ability to succeed in the available community development(CD) groups.
2. Principle of vision: see the image of who you desire to be after the program then come back to your present moment and begin to take strategic steps towards achieving your dreams.
3. Principle of goal setting: you can use SMARTER model to set goals in the area of SPIRITUAL (strengthening your relationship with God), PHYSICAL (how healthy do you want be at the end of the service year?)MENTAL (what new in-demand skill would you like to possess?) .SOCIAL (how many functional relationship would like have?), FINANCIAL (how rich / potentially rich/financially intelligent would you like to be after the service year?)
4. Principle of positive thinking:
uncertainty can be a major setback in this one year program, run it with the
assurance that you will enjoy favor at the end. Believing that that your preparation will meet life changing opportunity. Positive thing helps your mind to expand its reach to grow, accommodate and overcome challenges life throws at you in the quest of to maximize your service year. You must have a strong believe and convictions about your future even before you get there.
5. Principle of capacity building: this is an ongoing through which you enhance your ability to identify and meet development challenges.Capacity is the ability to do or understand something. You can achieve this by strategically preparing yourself.
Leverage on the opportunity though ICT to grow your capacity. On line competition, training, free courses, webinar etc. consider ‘time’ as a financial resource that needs not to be wasted doing.
6. Principle of Success : Eric Thomas said ‘ if you want to succeed as bad you want to breathe then you will be successful’ you must be ready to give up time for fun and pleasure (even sleep) and convert the time to productive active strategically designed to meet your goals. You must cut off everything that can hinder your no matter how seemingly nice they seemed to be. The better you prepare the more you can maximize

To your success during and after your NYSC.

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