Discovering and growing your competitive edge in life by Akinfala Victor Part 1

Discovering and growing your competitive edge in life                                             HOME

Discovering is a dynamic process of uncovering new (unexplored) or existing (underutilized) potentials/skills/ resources that had been hitherto unrecognized as meaningful or productive.

competitive edge
competitive edge

Competitive edge or advantage is an intentional nonstop method of efficiently positioning yourself against the competition. According to Eric Thomas, “what will you do if a thousand people want the same thing you wanted?” or “what will you do if a thousand others are dreaming exactly what you are dreaming”. I often ask people “how many of your ideas turned product have you seen on TV or even had to buy?”.

Therefore, the is question of competitive edge is not in “who has what potential?” it the question of “how much can you effectively and efficiently translate it into a positive, productive, profitable and sustainable platform for progressive exploration

Only conscious principles and affirmative techniques can help you grow and outshine competitors. In Nigeria, some people claimed some work in places where they don’t a college degree to function, however, they don’t look deeper to find out the skill set possess by the fellow. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics but a was able to land ICT appointments above some who had degrees in computer related degrees because I was able to grow my capacity and gain proficiency in that area by training, certifications and practice. I believe you can count few people around you with similar stories.


Watch Eric Thomas video on UPgrade your VALUES

Let me quickly point out some undeniable facts about your potentials viz-a-viz competitive edge

  1. Everyone is blessed with some certain unique abilities.
  2. Nobody is an island of knowledge.
  3. Nobody can achieve anything without a certain level of interaction.
  4. Dependent and independent nature of skills cannot be separated.
  5. There something you have that people or organization need.
  6. Your current position is not a conclusion of what you can become.
  7. Competitive edge can be a possession if you desire it.
  8. Opportunities abound to grow phenomenal competitive edge.
  9. Competitive edge is not static (overtaking is allowed).
  10. The only limitation to having a competitive edge is you.

Its therefore crucial to understand some principle that will help you grow competitive advantage over other who desire what to you desire and hopefully correct why you have not been the best or perceived as the best or considered for a job or an appointment hitherto.

PRINCIPLE 1: Self-Audit

Who are you? (e.g. I create change, value and added value), What are potentials (natural gifting)? e.g. (teaching/training), where do you think your potentials are most usable and useful? (kindergarten, teenage schools, adults, corporate organization and any who desires positive shift), What are the trending skills in teaching and training world? Where are these skills most needed? (Schools, training organizations, NGO, consulting firm, learning are development department, etc.), what are the professional and ICT certification that can provide me with competitive edge in the knowledge base and on proficiency level? And confidence are you with all these discoveries?

PRINCIPLE: 2 Same opportunities abound to all

J.F Kennedy said that we are not gifted equally but we are faced with the same opportunities. This indicates that the uniqueness in your ability is not a limitation but a chance to gain competitive advantage. With all your discoveries, it will be quite interesting to explore every opportunity.

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